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Here is my philosophy on healing. I think everyone is capable of doing it themselves. Period. I think transforming your thoughts will transform you body. Period. I also know (not believe) that it does not matter which modality you use as long as you believe it works. Period. 

That being said, asking someone to heal themselves when they don't believe it is possible, and when they have no access to subconscious thoughts that are secretly sabotaging their bodies and really their lives, is asking too much. Its like telling someone to jump from the bottom rung of a ladder to the  top. The distance is too far.

What I bring to the table is 14+ years of knowing, not just believing what is possible for your body to do. And believe me, your body is capable of miracles galore. I also bring many years of helping people bring to their awareness those pesky limiting beliefs that are running underground. 

This combination enables your body to access those miracles. I show you what is possible. This not only transforms your body but your consciousness---which is more important anyway. Once your consciousness has expanded, the step to the top of the ladder is easy. My job is to show you how easy it can be. 

And, before you get all over the top excited, remember no thoughts no matter how strong can remove the lessons you have set for yourself, or God's plans. You remember him? His will trumps all? I know I know--there's always a catch. Its all good anyway.

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