Welcome to the Centre


             The Centre is not a place,

           It is a state of being.

          It is in this pure state of absolute

          stillness that we access

          Absolute Truth, Absolute Peace, and

          Absolute Joy.

         Here at The Centre, we offer

         healing when you forget you are well,

         classes when you forget you can heal

         yourself, and

         new and joyous experiences when you

         forget life is supposed to be fun.

         Come join us at The Centre and

         Remember, We Are One.


- Maile Vanderford 

The Centre

573 S. Lake Ave Suite D

Pasadena, CA 91101

(818) 468-7324


* To receive notice of our upcoming classes and events, please email maile@thecentre.com your full name and the message, “Sign me up”.